Fresa Technologies
Neutral IT Solution Provider
U.A.E Mr. Amudhan P +971 50 1393035
India Mr. Hari Baskar S +91 96000 69590
India Mr. Saravanan K +91 73584 20012
Dedicated neutral BPO division for freight forwarding, shipping and logistics industry
Fresa Technologies
Export Process
Export Activities From BPO Desk
  • Update system with stuffing details and seal number
  • Job generation
  • ATD system updation
  • MBL draft preparation till surrender confirmation
  • BL preparation
  • Draft B/L preparation till customer confirmation
  • Raising invoices to local/destination agents for "freight collect" shipments
  • Credit note to destination agents for on-forwarding
  • Raising invoice to destination agents for rebate
  • Export Pre-alet and manifest to destination agents
  • Resending BL to customers if any correction
  • Shipping line payment arrangements
  • Cheque requisition for Co-Load shipments
  • De-vanning report from agents (Follow up)
  • Agents communication (Cargo status updates)
Operation Team
Documentation Team
Import Process
Import Activities From BPO Desk
  • Receive pre-alert from origin
  • Check and clarify with origin wherever required
  • Importing EDI File/Data update
  • Update & book agent Invoice/Credit notes
  • Update & post local charges
  • Disputes to be taken to agents
  • Freight collection/payable arrangement for transit cargo
  • ATA updation based on vessel arrival
  • Send CAN to customers
  • Manifest linking in Dubai trade
  • Send docs to W/H to pull the container from the port
  • Send destuffing report origin
  • Follow up for marks and numbers from origin
  • Follow up with W/H for delivery status updates
  • Follow up with customers for DDU/DDP clearance
  • Update storage and handling charges
  • Update transport charges
  • Agent queries like DO Status, Cargo status etc..
Operation Team
Documentation Team
Customer Service Process
  • Cargo Generation
  • Preparation of Quotation
  • Booking LCL shipments
  • Carrier/Courier Rates update
  • Weekly/Monthly Sailing schedule update
  • Tele Sales
Accounting Process from BPO
  • Posting of all vendor invoices
  • Monitoring aging report of customers/vendors
  • Sending SOA to local customers and follow up
  • Agent SOA and Reconciliation
  • Processing payments in system
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Job closing
  • Preparing Management reports

Management Team

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