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Fresa Gold - New Freight Forwarding and Shipping Software for Corporate Customers
Fresa XPress
Fresa Gold Modules
Sales Documentation Accounts
Customer Service MIS Reports Tracking
Air Freight Ocean Freight Land Freight
Operations Warehousing
Fresa Gold Features
Sales Sea Import Sea Export
  • Sales Call Follow-up
  • Sailing Schedule
  • Salesperson-wise shipments
  • Customer wise outstanding
  • Credit Requests
  • Salesperson Performance
  • New secured customer list
  • Top 'N' sales person
  • Top 'N' Customers
  • Sales Budget
  • Customer wise SOP
  • Restriction on Rights
  • Cargo Arrival Notice
  • Do Not Issued
  • Pending Payments(Vouchers Not Posted)
  • Pending Transhipment to map the consol
  • Month wise No of Shipments
  • Month wise Total Volume
  • Month wise Total Weight
  • Agent wise No. of consol
  • Top 'N' Agents
  • Top 'N' Carriers
  • Stuffing Confirmation
  • Sailing Confirmation
  • Transhipment Confirmation
  • Follow-up Shipment wise
  • Sailing Schedule
  • Invoice Pending(Invoice not raised)
  • Month wise Performance
  • POD wise No. of consol
  • Agent wise No. of consol
  • Carrier wise No. of consol
  • Agent wise TEU/Volume/GP
  • Carrierwise TEUs
  • Top 'N' Agents
  • Top 'N' Carriers
Air Export Air Import Accounts
  • MAWB Stock
  • HAWB Not Issued
  • Payment Pending ( Voucher Not Posted)
  • Not Confirmed on board
  • Shipments Departed more than 3 days ago but not invoiced
  • Month wise No of shipments / Chargeable/ Revenue/ GP
  • Top 'N' Customers
  • Top 'N' Agents
  • Top 'N' Carriers
  • Top 'N' Salesperson
  • Cargo Arrival Notice
  • Reminder CAN
  • Shipments Delivered more than 3 days ago but not invoiced
  • DO Not Issued
  • No flight details in shipment
  • Shipments arrived not cleared customs
  • Cleared customs but not showing as delivered
  • Top 'N' Customers
  • Top 'N' Agents
  • Top 'N' Carriers
  • Top 'N' Salesperson
  • Outstanding Receivables(A/R)
  • Outstanding Payables(A/P)
  • Invoice Pending (Invoice not raised)
  • Payment pending ( Voucher Not Posted)
  • Top N customers based on actual GP
  • Top 10 Customers based on Revenue.
  • Outstanding for deposit COA
  • Billing party based on
  • Vendor based on P.cost
  • Credit Request pending for approval
  • Customer exceed the credit limits
  • Collection for the day
  • Organization in Pending Status

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